About me

It may be interesting for you to know that I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a children’s play therapist, a positive psychotherapist, the first certified practitioner in The Healing Codes in Bulgaria http://thehealingcodes.com/meet-practitioners/ , and a facilitator in Family Constellations http://www.familyconstellationsbulgaria.org/fasilitatori.html

My story


The biggest change in my life came later. It was the time I started the Practitioners Training. My daughter had allergies. I had a big time struggling to make THE RIGHT Code. I did numerous of codes about things in her but the allergies were still there. What was about that picture I couldn’t get? And one day I have said to myself that I will find the answer. I let all the love in me and around me to flow. It could be felt…

The Healing Codes


The Healing Codes is a form of energy healing that neutralizes the stress–past, present and future– that is created through our perceptions and held in the body and the energy field. The Healing Codes provide relief from the incidents that created the stress, whether spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. A client is given sequences of simple hand positions involving one or more of four healing centers. The energy coming from the client’s hands, attention, and intention is directed into the healing centers. This activates an energetic healing system that transforms negative memories and limiting beliefs.   The Healing Codes seem to cancel out the negative frequencies of memories and beliefs and replace them with positive energy frequencies. The Healing Codes are effective for changing limiting beliefs, addictions, traumas, PTSD, and other emotional and spiritual issues. As these destructive patterns heal, clients frequently tell us that their bodies are then able to heal themselves.


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